How To Care For Your Biopsy/Incision Site


The area should be cleaned daily.  Soap and water or sterile saline (wound wash saline) are both acceptable options. The wound should be gently patted dry after cleaning. Polysporin ointment should be applied with a fresh band aid.  If you are sensitive to the adhesive in band-aids use telfa non-stick pads and paper tape.  If you have been placed on oral antibiotics then you may use Aquaphor instead of Polysporin.  It is normal for a rim or redness (erythema) to surround a healing wound.  In addition, some mild stinging or pain is normal during the first few days. You may take Tylenol as needed. Very rarely is stronger pain medication needed but you should call the office if you are in pain or have any concerns about the appearance of your wound.


The wound should be cleansed daily. Sterile wound wash saline is best. This is available at any pharmacy or may be purchased at our office.  The would should be patted with moist gauze to clean any debris such as dried blood. Hydrogen peroxide should not be used. After patting dry apply a thin layer of Aquaphor or Polysporin ointment to the stitches.  Stitches may then be covered with a clean non stick Telfa pad and paper tape. If you prefer the stitches may be left uncovered but should always be kept moist with a thin layer of ointment.  Please remember to take oral antibiotics if they have been prescribed.  Tension forces across the stitch line should be avoided. Therefore do not pull the skin when cleaning but rater dab using an up and down motion.  Minimize any exercise that will stretch the skin in the area where the stitches have been placed.  Some oozing of blood and spotting of the bandage is normal during the first few days. If you experience active bleeding apply continuous pressure for 15 minutes then call our office if the bleeding has not stopped.  If the site becomes red, swollen or painful or there is any pus like discharge call our office immediately.  Pain medication is usually not needed for most wounds but can be prescribed if Tylenol does not give adequate relief from any pain or soreness at the incision site.