Laser Treatment for Removing Tattoos

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June 30, 2015

It's estimated that roughly 50% of people with tattoos regret them and seek to get them removed at some point. Laser tattoo removal offers a safe and simple procedure that can provide fantastic results. The laser penetrates the skin and breaks up the tattoo pigment into tiny particles. These tiny particles are later absorbed by the body and discarded over time.

The number of laser sessions you have to undergo will depend on the color of the pigments, the size of the tattoo, the depth at which the tattoo is located and the kind of laser used. Generally it takes between 2-10 sessions, spread over a number of weeks.

About Laser Tattoo Removal

  • No major pain during sessions: There can be a mild pricking sensation when the laser treatment is underway. Apart from this, there won't be any other pain. This pain can be treated with a local anesthetic.
  • No side effects that can't be treated: In some people the skin where the tattoo was located might become dark or light (depending on the skin type), but this will return to normal within six months. The area might also become red after the treatment, but it will soon subside.
  • Suitable candidates for laser surgery: Laser treatment may not be so effective on people who have a darker skin because of the 'ghosting' effect where the treated skin becomes lighter than the skin in the surrounding area. Your doctor will assess whether your skin is suitable for this technique.
  • Black tattoos are the easiest of all tattoos to treat because black color absorbs all wavelengths. Other colors may have to be treated with select lasers. The professional who performs the procedure on you might ask you to use sun block on the treated area for some time after the treatment. He or she will also give you other tips to help you achieve you the best results.

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