Alex TriVantage

The Candela AlexTriVantage (ATV) Laser is a Q-switched laser designed to safely and effectively treat many skin conditions, including the removal of tattoos and pigmented lesions, such as birthmarks or sunspots (liver spots) on the sun exposed skin of the face, hands, or legs.

  • Tattoo Removal of multiple colors
  • Pigmented Birthmarks
  • Brown Spots, such as age or sun spots

During each treatment, you will be required to wear eye protection. At the time of your first treatment, Dr. Dubow may test your skin’s reaction (test spot) to determine the most effective treatment setting for your skin.

Anesthesia for treatment of small tattoos or brown freckles is not usually necessary however, for larger tattoos, Dr. Dubow will often recommend pre treatment with a topical or injected anesthetic.

Tattoo treatment with the Alex TriVantage Laser system varies from patient to patient. Factors include: the age and size of the tattoo, color of the patient’s skin, and the depth of the tattoo or pigmented area. We are often asked to estimate how many treatments will be needed to remove a tattoo and it is important to remember that your response to the laser will be better understood after the first one or two treatments. Unfortunately, some tattoo ink colors do not respond quickly to laser treatment and as a general rule, all tattoos will require between 4 and 10 treatments spaced between 4 and 8 weeks apart to achieve maximum results.

What To Expect After Treatment

Treated areas will usually form a crust or scab and sometimes small open areas of pinpoint bleeding are present. Please follow the post treatment instructions carefully and be sure to avoid ALL sun exposure to the treated areas during the entire treatment course.

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